Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tucker Ch. 3

As special education teachers, we need to adapt our lesson plans toward the specific needs of our students. The book points out how teachers often use a great deal of verbal/auditory information when teaching. We need to remember to include much more visual and hands on materials/activities. This will make our students, especially students who struggle academically, more involved and learning may actually become exciting to them. Getting students more involved and willing to participate is key. Students who participate in class are probably going to learn more. I know that all through school, even in grad classes, I seem to take in so much more information when we do hands on activities. When a teacher is lecturing I would often drift off and think about just about anything else rathering than taking in the material I was supposed to be learning. Group activities are also a great thing to incorporate into the classroom, especially when you can pair stronger students with weaker students. We need to remember to make learning fun!!

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  1. I agree learning needs to be fun-I think that if you make it hands on and more visual, students tend not to think of it as "learning". When you incorporate pictures, games, and videos, it helps to break up the lecturing part. I myself tend to drift off if I am not interested too. Learning by teaching, visually or hands on, is a key in the classroom!